Why "Common Sense"

In January of 1776, Thomas Paine published a pamphlet entitled "Common Sense" in which he persuasively argued that the American Colonies would be unable to come to a permanent and lasting reconciliation with Great Britain, and that sooner or later if America was to become a truly great nation it would have to revolt against the King.

I believe Ireland is at a similar historical junction; instead of a King, we have democratically installed Institutional Overlords that have become ill-fit for purpose and which threaten our future every bit as much as the English Crown threatened the colonists.  I can only hope but to have a fraction of the influence of Mr. Paine...

Overriding Philosophy

First and foremost, I believe we must continue to pursue the European Project objective of creating a strong financial incentive to prevent wide-scale wars between European powers.  However, I equally believe that the further removed an Institution is from the People, and the larger the financial resources of that Institution, the less effective that Institution is in terms of serving the People.

The European Parliament is as far-removed from the People as it comes, and has a budget that exceeds the budget of most its member states.  This is a recipe for revolution; indeed we have seen the start of it with Brexit and a rise in popularity of the Nationalist Right across Europe.

A Brexit-style breakup of the European Union, a move towards extreme Nationalist positions...this seems to me a step backwards were we start to distrust our neighbours.  Solving this with "tax the rich" socialist policies of the past will do nothing other than stifle innovation and further enrich Institutions that will only fail in more baffling ways than they are failing now.

I think the best way to our goal of a stable, prosperous Ireland (and Europe) is to embrace the disruption.  Not by protests and shouting, though some of that may be required. Rather, I think we can take a queue from the very forces that are disrupting so much of the status quo: by empowering the individuals closest to the People with the tools and technologies they can combine with their training and experience to provide an unparalleled and efficient public service using our public monies.