The Common Sense Platform

Dáil Éireann has become little more than a puppet of the European Union, executing legislation, rules, and deals crafted behind closed doors nearly 1,000km away from us.

It is the goal of the Common Sense Platform to wrest control of Irish destiny back into the direct hands of the Irish People. This means taking back control over all of our public institutions: the HSE, Education, Utility Networks (energy, information, water), and even Dáil Éireann.

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Network = Power

The Irish were into social networking before that was ever a thing. But whereas the meet-face-to-face Irish version of networking is lovely, it is not able to "go viral" and allow new ideas to spread quickly. Social media is a key engine driving the massive amount of disruption we see in the world today, and political platform which ignore this fact risks irrelevance.

The Common Sense Platform exploits network effects wherever possible.

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People > Institutions

Institutions are established with the best of intentions, with a view to improving the lives of People. Sadly, these institutions have a tendency to become political and bureaucratic quagmires which suck the life out of the people working within them and fail to serve People as efficiently and effectively as possible. This is as true in the public sector as it is in the private sector; the Common Sense difference is that the public sector is funded with taxes.

The Common Sense Platform seeks keep money and decision-making authority close to the People.

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"The devil is in the detail." We like things that are simple and easy, so why is it that our Institutions create so much complexity? There are probably as many answers to this question as there are readers, but the fundamental reason is that complexity requires resources, and Institutions feed (like a parasite) on resources.

The Common Sense Platform keeps things simple and easy to understand.